Did you notice? car stereos sound better than home systems!

Yes! at least I have felt that and we all might recognize it is because of the confined space but they actually don't! too many unwanted reflections from the windows, the dash board etc. You also have too much frequency absorption from the seats, the carpets etc. You have frequency masking, you have comb filtering, you have perceptual frequency collisions that cancel each other out due to phase shifts, you have time speaker alignment issues, you also have first wave arrival time issues because you are seating nearer to the left or the right speakers (depending on where you are seated)

It is very difficult to have the sound stage where you want it (you have to resort to speaker positioning tricks and digital sound processing to get it “right”), you have problems “centering the system”, issues bringing the sound stage up in front of you, car panels that reach their resonant frequency and add up to the end result, “sound treatment issues” with the doors and several other parts of the car… most are designed to sound like a boom box. It’s a full and rich sound, it won’t sound anything comparable to a proper set of speakers with proper positioning in your home.

One of the biggest issues of car audio is you’re never in the center of the speakers. One speaker is always much closer to you than the other. This highly disrupts the stereo imaging. You have all sorts of problems so here are some tips to get a better sound quality…

Car speakers vary a lot between brand and model, truly good speakers that are properly set up would make you feel like you’re there. You’ll hear each instrument cleanly separated in its distinct position in space. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the performance of the factory speakers in your car here are a few you can consider https://servicegeni.in/electronics and in the next article will share tips on how to upgrade your car speakers.

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