Hydrogen-powered cars on the way to supplement electric cars

Early this week BMW announced that they are right on track with the development of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT. Their prototypes will now enter the next phase and start road tests throughout Europe. They have welcomed the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure's initiative to support the use of hydrogen in passenger cars.

With the unveiling of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), the BMW Group is manifesting its ability to complement its electrified vehicle collection with the deployment of hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology.

Hydrogen vehicles represent a great alternative and addition to battery-electric drive systems. This leap into achieving zero-emission mobility is part of a well-thought-out strategy. Let's look forward to more discoveries and strategies from the Tech Hubs & Auto Giants to save the mother earth from the enormous amount of pollution and emissions it is exposed to day to day.

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