How to choose the right service center for your car?

‘Spares theft fear’

‘Unequipped to handle electronics’

‘Low service quality’

These are some thoughts that run around when we think of driving down to the local mechanic shed for a car service.

It’s not anyone’s fault but this is how we are educated from hereditary experience. Not every local mechanic sheds or multi branded service centers are in-genuine and less in quality. In fact, it is true that most of Chennai’s authorized service centers outsource a few of their detailing processes to local mechanic sheds.

Having this misconception almost ruins one part of a local business, the local mechanic sheds. Until the car is under warranty, it is fair or if it is a major repair, authorized service centers would do. But, for periodic repairs, car inspection before a long drive, car denting, detailing, car wash, stereo repair and any such car care service give a chance to your local mechanic anna who can serve you better at an affordable price.

To bridge the gap between the local mechanics and the car owners, Service GENI connects them through a digital space. Wherein, the capability of the car service centers are provided as extensive information when you search for the nearest mechanic near you and the quality is maintained with feedback and reviews.

So, next time do not gravitate to the unsatisfied service center or drive long in search of one. has service center discovery feature tool which provides you all needed information about the garage so that you have the freedom of choosing the right one.

Also, Service GENI comes with its one of a kind doorstep car service. It is not a pickup drop service anymore. Are you feeling a bit lazy or concerned about time to drive down to the garage nearby?

You can opt in for a doorstep service, in which GENI sends you a reliable mechanic to your doorstep and service your car. You can just book a service and lay back seeing everything done at your place.

This saves your time, money and fuel!

Not only this.. There is no more spare theft fear because service happens in front of you.


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