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Updated: Mar 19, 2021


While owning a car is an age-old dream, maintaining it is not as easy as it seems. Regular car service checks essential for conditioning of general wear and tear to monitoring fluids, brakes, the engine, and more are complicated topics for a common man/woman. Looking for a service centre for your car involves a wide range of tasks.

  1. Locating your car's brand service centre.

  2. Choosing between the brand service centre and the closest local service center (finding the best skilled and trained technicians)

  3. Computing budget comparisons (value for money)

  4. Getting the available slot and coordinating with the service centre for your booking. (Convenient scheduling)

  5. Trusted outlet - eliminating scare of spare theft and quality spares used

  6. Quality of service and on-time delivery

On the offside, our friendly mechanic Anna in the neighbourhood is often more efficient, experienced and offers a delightful discount for us out of goodwill. But the best car mechanic in Chennai runs a small-scale business and doesn’t have a website or digital presence to attract customers outside his acquaintance circle.

Finding the right local car service centre for our regular car maintenance needs might have been a perplexity, but not anymore!

Here is, Servicegeni! “ you love your car and we love to help”

We aim at providing local service centres the digital platform required to showcase their identity and service offering without interrupting their business.

Service Geni has connected over 150 Multi-brand car service centres from across Chennai City under the Geni Family. Being a Chennai-based startup we have covered Namma Chennai first and are rapidly expanding our network in Tamilnadu.

All alternatives to OEMs/brand service centres are executing a franchisee model and costing local mechanics a part of their hard-earned turnover. We will not interfere in the Independent car service center’s operation but facilitate them with a digital platform with tools to manage aspects outside their domain or area of expertise.

Our offerings:

A specially curated array of doorstep car services from our network of workshops:

A Long-Drive pre-check to help you drive away confident on your most exciting road trip.

Express Service includes:

- Engine oil checkup

- Coolant checkup

- Battery checkup

- Fluid Top-ups (not exceeding 100ml)

- Oil leakage checkup

- Brake pads & shoes cleaning

- Alternator & pump belt inspection

- Interior Vacuuming

- Exterior Wet cloth cleaning

Acquaint yourself with the car owner's manual and ensure your car gets a timely revitalisation.

General service includes:

- Engine oil replacement

- Air filter replacement

- Oil filter replacement

- Coolant & brake fluid top-up

- AC cabin filter cleaning

- Brake pads & shoes cleaning

- Clutch operation checkup

- Interior Vacuuming

- Exterior Wet cloth cleaning

ECU Coding & Repair

ECU stands for Engine Control Unit and the part is responsible for controlling key functions of a car engine.

If you are looking for ECU repair, coding, reprogramming please visit our website https://www.servicegeni.in/ecu

Alternatively, you may WhatsApp us with the below details. Our experts will contact you at your convenience.

Car Brand- example Audi Model- A6

Year of manufacturing- 2005

Fuel type- petrol/details

Error Code- unlock or not starting etc

What makes Geni your most trusted friend?

1. Quality of our services

We have partnered with the most popular car workshops in Chennai, which have decades of experience and employ the best car mechanics in town. Further, as don't interfere with their Independence the car service centres provide the best service at the most economical price.

* Consumables/Parts used are OEM/OES

2. The best car service at your doorstep

No more spending time and fuel in driving to your brand service centre, in these days of high petrol price.

No more looking for live surveillance due to the scare of spares theft.

No replacing all spares when a simple repair could do the magic.

No waiting long hours at the car service station, trying to get the right repairs done for your car.

Our car care specialist is at your service on your doorstep.

3. Multi-channel presence

To book a service, a customer has multiple options such as our Website, Social media catalogs, WhatsApp or even call the sales team directly. All the modes have high response rates and get your service booked within minutes.

4. Reduced carbon footprint

Finding the closest garage through Service Geni, booking a doorstep car service that is completely digital not only saves time & the stress of a physical search but also implies that you don't burn fuel and commute, thereby saving the earth a little bit of the pollution it's exposed to every microsecond.

2020 has been certainly a tough year for all of us, we hope and strive to undo all the damages this year. Local businesses need our support now more than ever before. In the automotive industry, our neighbourhood workshops serve us as the helpline when we need assistance for an emergency need. Service Geni provides you with the opportunity to connect with them.

With evolving business models in the automobile industry, we have migrated to depend on uneconomical corporate setups, but not anymore!

Service Geni provides local service centres with the digital platform required to showcase their identity and service offerings, all this without interrupting their business. We assist car owners to connect with them and schedule car services at ease. Bridging the gap between the service providers and customers Servicegeni brings a magical spell over the unorganised Auto-servicing industry and gives users a Wow! experience.

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