Best car service in Chennai

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

What defines good car servicing?

- Trained & Experienced Mechanics

- Quality of Spares & Accessories used

- Pricing (Value the Car Owner gets for the cost he pays)

- Ease of booking and scheduling as per Car Owner's convienience

- Approachability of the representative who attends to explain current status vs requirement

- Proximity from the Car Owner's location

There could be more, but above cover almost over 95% and when majority get a tick then most of us would be happy with the end result. Agreed?

Now! how to find the service centre that caters to most of these if not all?

We all know that these are dynamic factors, my measurement of half satisfaction might be fully satisfied for Mr.X vs not at all satisfied for Mr.Y. Plus, a good performing organization in summer might perform worst in winter. Yes thats the kind of volatility! So how to identify the best?

That's okay, don't stress..

by using the simple rule of average, yeah, its that simple!

Step 1: Find the list of service centres in your neighbourhood,

Step 2: Understand their service offerings and its cost,

Step 3: Read about the experiences of their previous customers,

Step 4: Schedule a convienient time online and book the service you need,

Step 5: Favourite them for future needs

Sounds like a plan right?

And now, if I tell you Service Geni is gonna provide all the tools for you to execute above steps. Would you love it?? Watch this Space close, we are almost there!

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