Air recirculation button! not using it right could be fatal - Awareness post..!!!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

We breathe oxygen from the air into our lungs, and we breathe out carbon dioxide, which is formed in our body as a waste gas. Breathing is essential to life itself. Oxygen must pass from our lungs into our blood for our tissues and organs to work properly.

Excessive yawning, fatigue with sleep apnea all could be due to the low level of oxygen and increased levels of CO2, basics right?

So let me jump into the topic now, There are two buttons on a car’s air conditioner. One is the “recirculation” button, and the other is the “fresh air mode” button or in some cars toggle of the same button.

with Temperatures across the city increasing 33+ °C over the past week, and they'll continue to raise through the rest of this summer we will be blasting the air conditioning in the car but how often do we think of this air recirculation option? How to use these buttons is one of the things commonly reported as unknown by car owners, so here I will tell you about their distinctions.


2 Modes?

Yes, 2 modes. recirculation & fresh air mode.

What it does?

"In recirculation mode, it circulates the air available inside the car also known as internal cooling. Selecting this button closes an air duct in the front of the car so that the air from outside the car does not enter the car. And when you use the fresh air mode, the car will use the air from the outside (external cooling) that is a lot warmer, and your A/C will work harder and continuously to cool the hot air from the outside.


In the winter its best to avoid using recirculation mode because it traps humidity inside the car, which can result in the foggy windows you see in the winter.

Foggy windscreens are due to the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the vehicle. It is necessary to eliminate this temperature difference in order to defog the window.

In fresh air mode, it is possible to eliminate the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the vehicle, so that the windshields & windows can be defogged. In this case, choose the windscreen defroster in fresh air mode, so that outside air blows out around. If you want to get defog as soon as the front window becomes cloudy, using air conditioner along will make it faster.

What is recommended?

When looking at instruction manuals and explanations on the websites of automobile manufacturers, most say that fresh air mode should be the default for normal use.The reason for this is that not only the windows become foggy if left in recirculation mode for a long time, the air inside the car also becomes unclean and short of oxygen. When traveling long distances or while travelling with more copassengers recirculating the same air might reduce internal oxygen levels resulting in CO2 intake. During this time the driver and others will experience more yawning drowsiness and physical exhaustion.

For this reason, it is best to use "fresh air mode" usually and to select "recirculation mode" only when it is better to recycle the inside air. ie., when,

  • You want to make the air conditioner work quickly

  • You do not want dirty air or unpleasant odours inside the car

Remember to clean the external vent before doing so, if not you might end up pulling the dust on it.
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