Car Maintenance

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  • Engine & Body Noise Check

  • Oil Filter & leakage inspection

  • Engine oil level & quality inspection

  • Pump belt inspection

  • Coolant level inspection

  • Alternator & Battery inspection

  • Electrical Inspection

  • Spark Plug Check

  • Wiper Fluid Check

  • Windshield Quality Checks

  • Wiper Checks

  • Air Filter Check

  • All Door inspecting 

  • Power Window Check

  • Clutch operation check




  • All checks listed under inspection plus

  • (Oil, Coolant & Wiper liquid) Fluid Top-ups not exceeding 100ml

  • Brake shoes & brake pads cleaning

  • Brake Fluid Check

  • Top up of car fluids up to 100 ml if necessary

  • Interior Vacuuming

  • Exterior wet cloth cleaning




  • All checks listed under express service plus

  • Oil & oil filter replacement

  • Coolant & Wiper liquid) Fluid replacement

  • Scanning with diagnostics tool

  • Interior Vacuuming

  • Exterior wet cloth cleaning

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